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Sasha was born in Klintsy, Russia in 1992. He was adopted in 2000 and was one of seven children that completed the Bolte family. Sasha was a joyful child; always loved sports and competition. Whether it was a homerun derby in the yard, high school rugby or a game of Texas Hold 'Em, Sasha loved to compete. He was headstrong, incredibly intelligent and had a beautiful heart. He had an ability to make just about anyone smile and it was impossible to stay mad at him. Sasha was resourceful; a survivor. He endured and survived so much in his 26 years – more than any one person should ever have to. Sasha lived his life on his own terms. He was too stubborn to let circumstance dictate his life. In honor of the life he lived, endured, enjoyed and lost, we started the Sasha Bolte Foundation. 

Sasha Surakov Bolte

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